Ryan SchnurrHi there—I’m a writer, editor and teacher from northeast Indiana. I’m currently editing (and sometimes writing) stories for Belt Magazine. My first book, In the Watershed: A Journey Down the Maumee River, was published in 2017. (You can hear me talk about the the book here.) 

I’m also ABD in American Studies at Purdue University, where I’ve taught twentieth and twenty-first century American literature and culture, environmental humanities, and first-year writing. (I won the 2018-2019 Excellence in Teaching award.) I’ve also taught and studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and worked extensively with Indiana Humanities as a program facilitator.

My writing and reporting has appeared in Atlas Obscura, Terrain.org, Old Northwest Review, Midwestern Gothic and Belt Magazine, among other publications.  Pieces I’ve written have been selected for the anthologies Rust Belt Chicago (Belt, 2017) and Voices from the Rust Belt (Picador, 2018). Years ago, before any of the stuff mentioned above, I worked as a writer, editor and photojournalist for a series of publications in northeast Indiana.

Email: ryanschnu@gmail.com. Twitter: @ryan_schnurr.