“The Iconic Windmills that Made the American West”Atlas Obscura – The life and times of the self-regulating water pump windmill.

“Oil and Water—I”Belt Magazine – On oil pipelines, the Great Lakes, and the complicated mixing of oil and water.

“Oil and Water—II” | Belt Magazine – A “Toxic Tour” of the Whiting Refinery, on the southern shores of Lake Michigan.

“Chicago Notebook” | Rust Belt Chicago: An Anthology (print only)  – On moving to Chicago, moving away from Chicago, and the impossibility of ever truly leaving a place.

“The Last, First Miami Speakers” | Belt Magazine – On language reclamation and the racist history of assimilation projects in the United States.

“Seeing the Maumee River” | Old Northwest Review (print only) – An exploration of the history and ecology of the Maumee River, which led to my first book.

“Family Bones” | Belt Magazine (also collected in Voices from the Rust Belt) – Searching for my roots in rural Indiana; also featuring my grandparents’ house.

The Future of Rochester is Written on the Subway Walls | SPACES Quarterly  Graffiti, abandoned subway tunnels, and hope: Rochester, New York’s underground art scene.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears on the Tracks” | Belt Magazine – Steam Locomotive No. 765, and the man for whom trains are family.

“Settling a ‘Food Desert'” (PDF) | InFortWayne – On life without a grocery store in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“A True Grassroots Movement” (PDF) | InFortWayne – What it takes to grow food on an urban plot.